1.  As far as I can tell you just sell your products at the Central Market, are you planning on launching your product in grocery stores and other retail outlets (or have you already)?  If so will it be local, national, or international?

We’re currently selling our products directly to consumers at Central Market. We also sell our products through a few local grocery stores (this makes up a very small portion of our overall sales). That said our goal is to take what is currently a very local product and target a national audience.

2.  I see that when people buy your product it is fresh (produced within 48 hours).  If you branch out will this change?  I would assume that the bottles of horseradish would sit on the shelves for more than a couple days.  If so, what would your freshness claim be?

The competition brief states that if you buy our prepared horseradish product it was produced within 48 hours of your purchase. This statement can only be true when you buy our product fresh from Central Market. Once we sell our product to a local grocer we can no longer make this statement. That said, our freshness claim can only be made about products we sell directly to consumers. One more reason for consumers to buy directly from the source.

3.  I know that you want to target “foodies,” but is this primarily targeted towards local people, a national market, or a international market?

As stated earlier we’re primarily targeting “Foodies” in the United States.


The following are a few questions I received from a student in Colorado. I hope these can be helpful to others as well:

You never really explained the process of making horseradish. Can you specify the method used for making your various sauces and give an ingredients list for each?

Unfortunately I don’t think sharing this information would be in our best interest. Suffice it to say that all the horseradish used in our products is cleaned, grated, and prepared by hand. All of our products are prepared in small batches by hand.

How did the horseradish making begin?

The business was started 5 generations ago by the father of my grandfather’s uncle in Germany.

Do you have any other businesses?


Have you had any other logos? (such as some you might have had when you first began)


Do you have any old photos of the original Long who began the business?


Do you grow your own horseradish?

We no longer grow our own horseradish.

Is Long’s organic?


Do you know where I can get a picture of an entire horseradish plant – including the above ground part?

I don’t have any. However, you may want to try searching the images available online from the Library of Congress.

Any old pictures of the original packaging, if it was glass or other?

Our products have always been packaged in glass jars with either a metal or plastic lid. We do not have any pictures available of the original packaging.

The following are a few questions I received from an instructor at the Academy of Art in San Fransisco and my answers. I hope these can be helpful to others as well:

1) ” Long¹s horseradish is a family-owned and operated business based in
Lancaster, Pennsylvania*, a historic community made famous by the Amish.”

Q: Is your product created by Amish or is the Long family Amish? Could you
let me know if and how your product is affiliated with the Amish community.
Nope – not created by Amish, nor is the Long family Amish. The only thing that really ties our products/business to the Amish community is the fact that we do business in Lancaster Pennsylvania. We prepare and bottle our horseradish on Central Market where there are a number of Amish stand holders.

2) Do you currently have any literature you can share regarding your
product? How it’s made, your variety of offerings, or even anything you put
out in front of your booth to help sell the product.

We really don’t have any literature at all. No business cards either. We have truly done NOTHING to promote our business in 5 generations.

The four most popular products we sell are our Pure Fresh Grated Horseradish, Gourmet Horseradish Mustard, Cocktail Sauce, and Horseradish Pickles. In addition to these products we also have a Horseradish Barbecue Sauce, Horseradish Jelly, Horseradish Cheese Spread, and a few flavors of Horseradish Marmalade.

Our best sales tool is a fan that blows the smell of our horseradish into the aisles at Central Market while people walk by. Some people even stick around in front of the stand just to ‘clear their sinuses’ for a few minutes.

3) Do you have any recipes that your horseradish is a must have with?

I’m the wrong guy to ask as I’m a bit biased. I like it (our pure fresh grated horseradish) on everything from dark chocolate, to roast beef, to pasta dishes. I’d say nothing is off limits though. Everyone’s taste is going to be a bit different, but if you like it hot and fresh buy Long’s.

I’ve received a number of questions from students participating in the One Club’s 2008 Collge Competition regarding pictures of our market stand, products, etc. Here’s a link to a web gallery created by my good friend and photographer David Schrott with some pictures from inside Central Market where we prepare and bottle most of our products – www.davidschrott.com/longs

If you appreciate good photography I also suggest you take a look some of the other work on David’s website www.davidschrott.com